Improving the activities of cooperatives in mountainous areas

After more than 1 year of consolidation and renovation, thecollective economy in the mountainous areas of the province achieved initialresults. Cooperatives and cooperative groups are working to meet the needs oflocal people and authorities in new rural construction, agro-forestryrestructuring …
Planting clean vegetables with hydroponics method at BB Agriculture Cooperative in Son Hoa district

According tothe Provincial Cooperative Alliance, from 2018 up to now, 3 mountainousdistricts of Son Hoa, Song Hinh, Dong Xuan, the number of cooperativesincreased from 17 cooperatives to 24 cooperatives. In which, Son Hoa districtestablished 4 cooperatives, Song Hinh 2 cooperatives and Dong Xuan 1cooperatives.

Mr. Pham DinhPhung, Vice Chairman of Son Hoa District People’s Committee, said: From 1cooperative, up to now, the whole district has 7 cooperatives operating underthe Cooperative Law of 2012 with average revenue reaching VND 260 million /cooperative, attracting 280 capital contributors. These units operate inproduction and business, serve services in agricultural production, such as:Service of irrigating rice, managing domestic water, market management, rubberlatex processing, afforestation, planting vegetables and flowers …In thecoming time, the locality will establish more cooperatives in the forestrysector in Phuoc Tan and Son Hoi communes.

Inparticular, Son Hoi commune has about 1,500 ha of forest land of more than 100households. Phuoc Tan commune has nearly 400ha of forest land of 40 households.People need cooperatives to manage and create ecological areas and protectprimary forests. The district has plans to establish 2 cooperatives in thesetwo communes. When these two cooperatives come into operation, assign theProtection Forest Management Board to guide the techniques of forestexploitation and management; members of cooperatives contribute capital byforest land policy … Cooperatives gathering single households for generalmanagement will help the locality limit the situation that households areallocated forests to transfer use rights when facing economic difficulties,leading to the risk of disrupting primary forests or loss of forest assets.  

Currently,many local agricultural products such as rice, peanuts and cassava are coveredby cooperatives. Although the scale is small, it has contributed to stabilizingprices, limiting the situation of private traders pressing prices in ruralareas. In addition, many cooperatives operate effectively also help communes toreach new rural destinations such as Xuan Son Nam, Xuan Phuoc and Xuan Quang 3communes.

With themotto of not running after the number of newly established cooperatives onactual needs, the cooperatives in Son Hoa district soon stabilized theiractivities, creating income for laborers. Mr. Pham Dinh Phung added: despitebeing newly operated, 4 newly established cooperatives have attracted more than30 capital-contributing members, bringing the total charter capital of theseunits to over 3 billion VND. These units create jobs for 20-50 employees with amontly income of 2.5-4 million VND / person.

Mr. Le ThanhLam, Chairman of the Provincial Cooperative Alliance, said, “for a long time,agricultural production in mountainous areas was stable thanks to theconsumption of products by the factories, so the people and the localauthorities have not yet see the importance of cooperatives. The newestablishment of cooperatives is not properly concerned and the consolidationof cooperatives is limited, causing a series of cooperatives to dissolve orfall into the state of moderate operation.

By the end of2017, each of the 2 districts of Son Hoa and Song Hinh only has 1 cooperative.Until the new regulation on criteria 13 in building new rural areas comes intoeffect with the cooperative model, the localities will have conditions tointegrate the construction investment with the strengthening and strengtheningthe cooperative. It is noteworthy that the localities do not follow the number,the newly established cooperatives all have quality; The number of oldcooperatives is strengthened according to the standards of the 2012 CooperativeLaw.

Source: Phu YenNewspaper
Translated by HAI LOAN

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