Solemnly celebrate The 30th anniversary of the re-establishment of Phu Yen province 1/7 / 1989-1 / 7/2019

In the evening of June29, at the windy April 1st Square of coastal city Tuy Hoa, Provincial PartyCommittee, People’s Council, People’s Committee, Fatherland Front Committee ofPhu Yen province held solemnly the 30th anniversary of there-establishment of Phu Yen province 1/7/1989 – 1/7/2019 and received thefirst-class Independence Medal.  


National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan awarding the first-class Independence 
Medal to the Party, government and people of Phu Yen province
Speech by Mr. Huynh Tan Viet, Secretary of Provincial Party Committee,Chairman of Provincial People’s Council, stated: In November 1975, after 7months of liberating Phu Yen, Phu Yen province was merged with Khanh Hoaprovince into Phu Khanh province. After nearly 14 years, overcoming theconsequences of war, rebuilding the homeland and initially implementing therenovation process, before the country’s development requirements, at the 5thSession on June 30, 1989, the National Assembly Session VIII issued aresolution to split and re-establish some provinces and cities across thecountry. Accordingly, Phu Khanh province is divided into 2 provinces: Phu Yenand Khanh Hoa; and July 1, 1989 became an important milestone, opening a newdevelopment period of Phu Yen province.In the early days of re-establishing the province, the PartyCommittee, the government and the people of Phu Yen province stood in front ofmany difficulties. In that context, continuing to inherit and promote theheroic revolutionary tradition of the homeland, implementing the reforms of theParty, Party Committee, army and people of Phu Yen province promoted the spiritof solidarity; dynamic, creative, step by step overcame the difficulties, wellexploited the potentials, advantages, promote internal resources, tookadvantage of external forces, set out right solutions, suitable to thepractical situation to shake hands building all aspects of people’s life;economic, cultural and social development; strengthening national defense andsecurity; building a political system and gaining important achievements in allareas.



Art program to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the province’s re-establishment
After 30 years of re-establishing the province, from a pureagricultural province, monoculture of rice, the province’s economy has so fardeveloped strongly. The economic growth rate is always maintained at a fairlygood level, the average in the period of 1990-2018 was about 9% / year,basically escaping the situation of poor provinces in 2010. The economicstructure is positively shifted towards increasing gradually increase theproportion of industry – construction and services; The agricultural sector isfocused on developing on a large scale, promoting the application of scientificand technological advances to production.With proud achievements after 30 years of re-establishing theprovince, Phu Yen’s Party Committee, authorities and people are honored toreceive the First-class Independence Medal by the President.

Chairman of the PPC Pham Dai Duong affirmed that theFirst-class Independence Medal is a recognition and a noble reward of the Partyand State for the efforts to build a beautiful home of the Party and Phu Yen peopleduring the past 30 years.

“The Party Committee and people of Phu Yen provincewould like to thank the timely encouragement of the Party and the State, and,at the same time, will continue to promote further achievements, continue tounite, Innovation and creativity to build and develop Phu Yen province into aland worth living, high quality of life, development and sustainability, worthyof the local’s historical, cultural, and traditional traditions”stressed theChairman of the Provincial People’s Committee.

Speaking at the anniversary, Comrade Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan,Politburo member cum Chairwoman of the National Assembly recognized andappreciated the efforts and achievements of Phu Yen Party Committee and peopleafter 30 years up. Although facing many hardships from the early days ofseparating the province, but with the diligent nature, the strong will, theParty Committee, the government and the people of Phu Yen have constantly madeefforts to strive and overcome difficulties. Towel challenges, reaping manyoutstanding achievements.

In the coming time, in order to achieve the targets set outby the Resolution of the XVI Party Congress, to build Phu Yen into a strong andprosperous province, the Chairwoman of the National Assembly asked the provinceto focus on well implementating some tasks and solutions: Focusing onleadership, direction, improving leadership capacity, fighting power of partycommittees, party organizations, thoroughly understanding and concretizing theimplementation of guidelines Party’s policies, State’s policies and laws onsocio-econo development.



Fireworks celebrate the 30th anniversary of the province’s re-establishment
Actively seizing opportunities, exploiting potentials andadvantages, at the same time mobilizing maximum, efficient use of externalresources for development investment. Pay attention to, invest in developingcultural and social fields, ensure social security, improve the quality of careand protection of people’s health, improve income and quality of life ofpeople. Continue to strengthen national defense and security, ensure politicalsecurity, social order and safety in order to create a stable environment and promotesocio-econo development.After the 30-year anniversary ceremony of there-establishment of Phu Yen province 1/7/1989 – 1/7/2019 and receiving thefirst-class Independence Medal is a special art program with the theme: Go toplace where the dawn starts and fireworks for 15 minutes right at the April 1stSquare serving a large audience and the people of the province in the joy ofcelebrating the 30-year journey of re-establishing the province and aiming fora bright future.

Source: Phu YenNewspaper
Translated by HAI LOAN


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