Industrial production has developed

Since the beginning ofthe year, enterprises in the province have made great efforts to stabilizeproduction, expand markets and seek new cooperation opportunities. In the lastmonths of the year, the Department of Industry and Trade will continue toaccompany and support enterprises to stabilize market and develop production.

With advantages of the CPTPP Agreement, the export garment sector has prospered

According to the Department of Industry and Trade, since thebeginning of the year, the province has focused on numerous practical andeffective solutions to call for investment and remove difficulties forenterprises. Thus, production activities have had numerous positive changes.Industrial production enterprises and facilities in the province continue topromote exploitation and production activities to meet consumer demand; someproducts’ production increases over the same period such as: fertilizer,clothes, seafood, cashew nuts…

According to Mr. Nguyen Xuan Loc, Deputy Executive Directorof Semco Phu Yen Industry Co., Ltd. (Dong Hoa district), in recent years, thecompany has been constantly stabilizing production activities with mainproducts such as glass panels, wooden door frames, iron panels, grinding glassand molded glass of all kinds. Thanks to investment in right direction from previousyears, the company’s products are more and more stable in quality and gaintrust of partners. Since the beginning of the year, the enterprise has producedover 97.000 products of all kinds; exporting to the US, Canada and Taiwanmarkets with revenue of over 33,4 billion dongs and export value of over 2,2million USD.

Enterprises of producing cashew for export have also gainedpositive changes. In 2019, Long Son JSC – branch in Phu Yen has promotedproduction of cashew-related products to enrich products and create revenue forenterprises. Mr. Tran Minh Truong, Director of Long Son JSC – branch in PhuYen, lets known: In recent years, the cashew processing in the country isgradually recovering from the difficult period. To find a separate path, the companyhas invested over 800 million dongs to install cashew  steaming system with a capacity of 45 tonsper day to meet demand of exporting to European countries. The company alsocontinuously improves production lines and diversifies products to meet needsof foreign partners. So far, it has processed more than 1.870 tons of cashewoil, 8.420 tons of cashew bagasse and 2.960 tons of packaged cashew withrevenue of over 21,4 billion dongs; paying more than 210 million dongs to thenational budget.

With advantages since the Comprehensive and ProgressiveAgreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) officially came into effect inearly 2019, Vietnam’s garment market has continued to prosper. Export garmententerprises have signed numerous large and stable orders and continued to expand  more potential new markets.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tuan, Deputy Director of the Department ofIndustry and Trade, lets known: Since the beginning of the year, productionactivities of enterprises have numerous encouraging results, especially insectors of garment, seafood, fertilizer, production of electricity and cashewnuts for export… The value of industrial production in 7 months is 10.968billion dongs, gaining 58,8% of the plan, an increase of 9,1% over the sameperiod. Particularly, the sugar sector has still faced difficulties; output andrevenue have decreased due to fierce competition; hence, greatly impacting onoperation of sugar factories as well as life of sugarcane farmers. In the lastmonths of the year, the Department of Industry and Trade will continueadministrative reform; supporting enterprises to promote products as well asaccompanying to help them remove difficulties and develop business.

Source: Phu YenNewspaper
Translated by KHUONGTHAO


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