The need for Phu Yen to attach the significance to business development in association with collective economy

Comrade Vuong Dinh Hue,Politburo member, Deputy Prime Minister and leaders of ministries and centralagencies had a working session meeting with leaders of Phu Yen province.

Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue speaking at the working session

In the first 6 months of 2019, despite numerous difficultiesdue to prolonged drought, epidemics on some crops and livestock continued torecur, affecting production and people’s lives in the area, but Phu Yenprovince’s socio-econo situation is basically either stable or developed.

The results of the implementation of major socio-econotargets surpass 50% of the 2019 plan and increased significantly over the sameperiod, in which the growth rate of total products (GRDP) reached 9.2%. Budgetrevenue in the province reached VND 3,330 billion, equalling 61% of theprovincial estimate. New rural construction in Phu Yen has many positiveresults when more than 50% of communes have met new rural standards, Tay Hoadistrict has reached new rural standards and Phu Hoa district is carrying outprocedures for approval.

At the working session, the province proposed to theDeputy Prime Minister some contents related to mechanisms and policies for PhuYen to connect and develop regional links, ensuring efficiency between theNorth Van Phong Economic Zone and the South Phu Yen Economic Zone; mechanismsand policies on using land rents for projects to be paid in lump sum for thewhole land lease duration (50 years) in the period of 2018-2020; cooperativedevelopment policy. Simultaneously, the Central Government is interested inconsidering and adjusting the allocation of quotas for the exploitation ofmarine products in the coastal areas to the province, creating conditions forfishermen to convert fishing boats with the largest length of under 15m into 15mor more to be licensed to exploit seafood in the offshore area.

Also, attention needs to be paid to supporting theresources for transition projects that need to be fully invested; consideringand supporting VND 550 billion from the annual central budget reserve toimplement the project of flood avoidance and rescue route, rescuing thedistricts and cities: Tay Hoa, Phu Hoa, Tuy Hoa city and Tuy An (phase 2);support 372 billion VND to implement the project The intersection between HungVuong Street – Railway – Highway 1 is located at the northern gateway of TuyHoa City connecting Highway 1 to the center of Tuy Hoa City through Hung VuongAvenue .

PPC Chairman, Mr. Pham Dai Duong, lets known: with5,000 km2 of forest land, agriculture and 189km of seaway, the collectiveeconomy and cooperatives in agriculture, forestry and fishery in the provinceare still ineffective. The biggest difficulty for Phu Yen is the local roadsconnecting with the provinces. The province desperately needs resource supportfrom the central government.

Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue highly appreciatedPhu Yen’s efforts in economic development, social security, social order andsafety. However, compared to the potential advantages, Phu Yen still has notdeveloped adequately; Budget revenue only meets 50% of demand, depends much oncentral support; production and people’s lives remain difficult; many projectsare behind schedule; There are not many leverage projects, business investmentenvironment is slow to improve; administrative reform index is low …

The Deputy Prime Minister requested the province tokeep abreast of the set targets and plans, achieving a growth rate of 8.3% in2019; deploy solutions to solve difficulties and create conditions forenterprises to develop; focus on strictly controlling African swine cholera;disburse public investment, especially targeted programs. For the orientationof the province, Phu Yen should focus on developing the collective economy,focusing on developing high-tech agriculture, smart agriculture, focusing onthe cooperative role of the cooperative; developing value chain for tuna;continue to promote the advantages of tourism development; focus on developingregional links with the Central Highlands provinces and North Van PhongEconomic Zone, Khanh Hoa province …

Regarding the proposals of the province, Deputy PrimeMinister Vuong Dinh Hue assigned the Ministry of Planning and Investment, theMinistry of Finance and other related ministries to consider and advise theGovernment to support Phu Yen to implement; agree with the proposal of theprovince to clear all debts for cooperatives to change the development model;create conditions for fishermen to expand on the sea based on the regulations;concurred with the provincial proposal, support 550 billion to build floodavoidance roads in districts and Tuy An … For new projects, Deputy PrimeMinister asked the province to complete the procedures for the ministries and centralbranches to appraise , report to the Government for consideration and decision.

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper

Translatedby HAI LOAN

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