Work together with tourism businesses to remove “bottlenecks”

With the attention of the entire political system,business community, investors, Phu Yen Tourism has initially made a positivechange in people’s awareness of the role and importance of tourism; Tourismdevelopment entails the development of many industries. However, there arestill “bottlenecks” that have not attracted many tourism investors tothe province. Phu Yen Newspapercorrespondent had an interview with Director of Culture, Sports and TourismDepartment Pham Van Bay on this issue.

Hon Yen National Monument (An Hoa commune, Tuy An district), an attractive tourist destination

*Could you tell us some outstanding activities of the province and the industryon tourism promotion in the past time?

-Together with organizing delegations to promote investment abroad, the provinceheld an Investment Promotion Conference of Phu Yen 2018, thereby introducingand promoting the potentials and advantages of Phu Yen. The province has alsoparticipated in international tourism fairs in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City;organizing conferences to promote and cooperate in tourism development inprovinces of the South West and Central Highlands; organize famtrip from 2-3delegations every year to survey Phu Yen tourism products, in order toassociate and cooperate in tourism development and bring tourists to Phu Yen.

Atthe same time, to organize the Cultural and Tourism Week in Phu Yen every year;Troop the colour to celebrate the New Year in Hai Dang – Mui Dien; Phu Yentourism art photo contest. The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism shallcoordinate with the news agencies and radio stations to carry out programs,reportage and column introducing tourism products and tourist destinations inPhu Yen; promote on websites, smart travel sites, social networking sites;issuing tourism publications … has initially positioned the tourism brand”Phu Yen – Attractive and friendly destination”.

*What are the “bottlenecks” that make tourism businesses and provinceshave difficulties in developing the provincial tourism industry, sir?

– The tourism industryhas identified “bottlenecks”, namely: Tourism infrastructure has notyet met the development requirements, especially transport infrastructure andtourist transport means; In some cases, traffic jams affect visitors’itinerary.

Demandfor traveling by air to Phu Yen of passengers is quite high, but the number offlights is limited; Waterway tourism has not been invested. The investment andsite clearance support for tourism projects is still slow and inconsistent.

Manytourism projects have been licensed to build, register for investment but areslow to implement, especially coastal projects, projects in famous relics, oncoastal islands …, limiting the formation of tourist products to servecustomers.

Systemof accommodation establishments in the province are small and medium scale(only 6 of 3-5 star hotels). Preserving and promoting the value of monuments,landscapes are not high efficiency, lack of services at destinations.Socialization in tourism activities has not been focused on implementation.

Besides,the state budget spending on investment in embellishment of relics, landscapes,promotion, human resource training … is still limited; tourism humanresources have been improved, but still lacking and weak; vocational skills,communication, working styles are not professional; general language skills arestill weak ..
*So, in your opinion, what are the solutions to attract more tourism tourismorganizations into the province?
-In my opinion, firstly, it is necessary to strengthen the leadership of theparty committee, the direction and administration of all levels of government,the synchronous coordination of departments, branches, mass organizations,local governments, the active participation of unions and people of all stratafor the purpose of building and developing tourism.
Focuson improving the investment and business environment and improving thecompetitiveness index of the province; do well the project management aftergranting investment licenses, inspect and review projects that have agreed onland, allow investment (if not implemented, then propose revocation to grant forother investors). At the same time, promoting the role of the ProvincialTourism Development Steering Committee and the Provincial Tourism Association,improving the capacity and efficiency of agencies promoting investment, tradeand tourism.

Continueto propagandize and advocate tourism businesses to improve the quality oftourism services; invest in construction, diversify types of services, nightentertainment, display points, souvenir sales, contributing to creating anabundance of tourism products, meeting the increasing demands of domestic andforeign tourists. Invest in transport infrastructure, electricity and watersystems, standard toilets, parking lots to call for investment in catering,entertainment, souvenir selling … area.

Promotetourism promotion activities, well organize the Culture and Tourism Week,diversify activities, contribute to introduce and promote potentials, stimulatedemand, attract investment, create motivation promote tourism development;gradually building tourism brand “Phu Yen – Attractive and friendlydestination”. Strengthen cooperation, link with provinces, cities, units,tourism resource to create more attractive tourism products and destinations tomeet the needs of domestic and international tourists. Paying attention tolinking international tourism development partners to Phu Yen …

Source:Phu Yen Newspaper
Translatedby HAI LOAN


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